How to Make Yogurt Soju

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Yogurt soju is an easy and delicious way to experience this fruit-forward spirit without getting overly inebriated. Plus, making it is fun!

Use a cocktail shaker to combine soju and yogurt for an aromatic beverage, then chill to desired temperature before adding ice cubes for serving.

If you love a classic Cosmo, try this soju-based variation for something sweet yet zesty with just a hint of tartness.


Yogurt Soju (YOJU) is one of the most beloved Korean beverages. Made from soju – a clear distilled liquor made from rice similar to vodka – and fruit-flavored or plain Asian yogurt drinks such as Kefir or Lassi, yogurt adds richness and fizziness for an irresistibly crisp drink. Additional recipes may call for soda (Sprite or 7-Up), or other tart ingredients like Grapefruit Juice to give this beverage its signature tart kick.

Sometimes flavored soju is used instead or in addition to soda (especially if served as part of a cocktail). The more flavored the soju is, the lighter and sweeter its taste is; this may help balance out any sweetness from yogurt or fruit smoothie.

Yogurt soju is the most commonly produced form of yogurt drinks in Korea, typically using Yakult, a Japanese-influenced beverage with probiotic bacteria found in Korean supermarkets and distributed throughout Southeast Asia with different names in each market.

If you can’t locate Yakult, regular American yogurt drink will work just as well. Or use fruit-flavored soju or canned orange or melon juices instead – some recipes even call for adding iced tea for added flavor and mouthfeel!

For optimal results, prepare the drink in a stainless steel shaker filled with plenty of ice. Shake until thoroughly chilled before straining into a highball glass and serving with some yogurt chips as a garnish. Alternatively, create multiple servings and store in the fridge until time for consumption.

To create a non-alcoholic version of this drink, simply remove the soju and replace it with more soda or non-alcoholic sparkling water. For a tropical flair, try muddling some cucumber slices into the shaker along with other ingredients. If you prefer something stronger, blend in ginger liqueur and lime juice into the recipe or even replace the soju with dark rum for something stronger!


For those just getting started with soju, this simple cocktail is an easy and tasty way to ease into its flavorful world. Sweet yet refreshing thanks to Yakult as well as providing a creamy base, you can add even more flavors by substituting different yogurt drinks like strawberry, mango, lychee or orange and add different soju varieties if desired!

Fill a shaker filled with ice, combine 2oz of Yakult and soju and stir until evenly mixed. Taste your concoction, adding more soju or Yakult according to taste; finish it off with some sparkling sprite for an unforgettable drink!

Soju is generally consumed directly from its bottle, though you may also combine it with other drinks for an array of uses. As it’s a versatile spirit that takes to various flavors well, soju can easily be mixed into cocktails such as orange juice for an orange screwdriver, cranberry juice for Korean Cape Cods, or apple juice and tonic water to create appletinis-style beverages.

Soju is also an indispensable ingredient of cocktails such as cojinganmek (Korean for shot glass layered drink). To create this treat, place two shot glasses inside a beer mug, fill each halfway with cola, pour in soju over it all, and garnish it with an apple slice.

Make an alcoholic version of this drink by mixing soju with lemon-lime soda – an increasingly popular variation on classic vodka soju that’s great for parties or casual drinking at home. All it requires for this recipe is one bottle of soju and one can of lemon-lime soda; combine in a cocktail shaker filled with ice, mix until chilled, strain into martini glass garnished with an apple slice, then enjoy! You could also replace lemon-lime soda with club soda or ginger ale to lighten things up further; the ratio should be 3 parts soju to 1 part lemon-lime soda; feel free to play around with ingredients to suit your individual tastes!


Soju is a versatile spirit that pairs well with many flavors, from yogurt’s rich creamy texture to its tart fruit notes in YOJU – creating a refreshing sip that Tang likens to an “upscale orange creamsicle.”

Soju offers more than its distinctive taste – it also boasts numerous health advantages. Packed with probiotics and other beneficial nutrients for digestion, soju is a wonderful choice for helping with various issues in the digestive tract. Plus it’s low in calories and sugar content making it perfect for anyone trying to lose weight or cut back their alcohol consumption.

Store homemade soju in suitable containers and store in a cool, dark location to maintain its quality and extend its shelf life. Proper containers will help ensure long-term soju enjoyment!

To keep soju fresh for as long as possible, choose a clean bottle or jar suitable for long-term storage and tighten the lid securely to minimize exposure to air. A vacuum sealer or smaller containers can further limit air exposure, and help extend shelf life of this alcoholic beverage.

Once you have the appropriate container, label it with the date of production and store it in a cool, dark location away from direct sunlight. Check periodically for signs of spoilage such as an unusual odor or mold growth – should any be detected, discard immediately!

While Tang and Miller’s recipe remains classic, there are numerous variations for flavoring soju with yogurt available today. As wellness increases interest in fermented drinks such as kefir and kombucha, these DIY cocktails have grown increasingly popular across America. Easy to make at home and delicious when served alone or as part of a larger gathering, yogurt soju complements numerous Korean dishes, such as bulgogi pork belly (grilled pork belly), kare-korean chicken wings and spicy tuna crispy rice dishes perfectly!


Soju, a colorless Korean spirit distilled spirit, is an adaptable drink perfect for sipping straight or mixing into cocktails. While often compared to vodka, soju offers milder taste and lower alcohol content that make it easier to drink and mix into cocktails of different varieties. Plus, its neutral flavor profile makes it the ideal base for cocktail mixing with fruits, herbs, and other ingredients!

Soju and fruit juice is an ideal combination to enjoy its mild spirit with fresh, refreshing tastes. Soju can also serve as an effective replacement for vodka in classic cocktail recipes such as the screwdriver, Cosmopolitan and Moscow Mule cocktails.

Addition of yogurt is another popular variation on the classic soju cocktail, adding both texture and richness while making the drink more pleasurable for those with sensitive palates – especially when used with natural, unsweetened yogurt flavors.

To create this recipe, fill a glass to the brim with ice cubes, measure out two ounces of soju and pour over it. Stir to combine, then splash some lime juice for added citrus notes. Garnish your drink with either a lime wedge or cranberry skewers as garnish.

Make this drink even fruitier by using a blender to combine watermelon and soju. Serve in its hollowed-out shell for a refreshing, fruity and slightly sour beverage that will dazzle any partygoer.

This delicious drink combines the probiotic benefits of Yakult (a fermented milk drink containing Yakult bacteria) with soju, a Korean alcohol made from rice. Prep time and scaleability is easy by altering amounts of soda and Yakult used.

This deliciously refreshing cocktail is ideal for date night or any other special event that calls for elegantly mixed beverages. Simply mix all ingredients in a shaker over ice, and pour into a martini glass adorned with either a lemon wedge or cranberry skewer as garnish.

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