How Many Calories in a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte From Starbucks?

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No matter if you are counting calories or simply prefer lighter coffee drinks, skinny vanilla lattes are an ideal choice. Offering reduced calories, fat and carbohydrates than its full milk counterpart and using plant-based milk that doesn’t exploit cows directly.

Sugar-free syrup reduces overall calorie counts. Furthermore, you can customize your beverage by adding toppings or flavors of your choice.


Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes are an extremely popular drink among those aiming to reduce their fat and sugar intake. Boasting lower calorie counts than its regular version, these beverages can be customized using various ingredients for enhanced flavor – even those who adhere to strict dietary regimens can add this drink as part of a healthy eating regimen to promote weight loss and promote overall wellness.

A grande skinny vanilla latte contains only 120 to 130 calories, significantly fewer than other sugary coffee drinks. Made with nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup to further reduce fat and sugar consumption. You can customize it further with various ingredients (including sweeteners) for an enhanced experience.

Starbucks also offers other low-cal drinks in addition to the skinny latte. These include Caffe Misto, Iced Espresso and Cold Brew beverages made with nonfat milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup to reduce calories per tall (12oz.) serving compared with 150 for Vanilla Latte (for reference). The Caffe Misto boasts the lowest caloric count at 80 per tall (12oz.).

While skinny lattes may seem like an ideal way to monitor caloric intake, it is essential to remember that even low-cal drinks can contribute to weight gain if consumed excessively. Therefore, it would be prudent to limit how many high-calorie beverages are consumed each day.

When trying to lose weight, eating a well-rounded diet that includes vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats is key. Furthermore, exercise should also be done regularly as well as getting enough sleep – for instance a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks contains less than 200 calories which makes for a great source of energy during a busy day; on the other hand a regular latte can contain over 300 and should be avoided in order to achieve weight loss.


Starbucks grande skinny vanilla lattes contain approximately 100 Calories from Fat. This amount does not cause weight gain or raise heart disease risk, yet beverages with higher concentrations of fat should still be limited; the lower fat content makes a skinny latte an appropriate option for people following diet plans that allow coffee-based beverages.

Starbucks’ iced skinny vanilla latte boasts only about 130 calories for the cold version and less than 150 for its hot counterpart, both being lower in sugar content with no artificial sweeteners added compared to many other iced drinks from other stores. Although low in caffein content, however, this beverage still packs quite an impactful punch of caffeine!

Starbucks skinny lattes are beverages made up of espresso, steamed milk and sugar-free vanilla syrup, often combined with whipped cream for extra sweetness. You have several milk options to choose from when creating one of these tasty beverages; whole, 2% or skim are among your choices; the calories may also depend on whether or not it is served cold or heated.

A skinny vanilla latte is not only low in calories and sugar/fat content; it is also recommended as part of a healthy diet; though we suggest only having two of them per day as part of that healthy eating plan.

This Starbucks-inspired skinny vanilla latte recipe uses double shot of espresso, frothy almond milk, gourmet sugar-free vanilla syrup and dairy-free whipped cream to craft an irresistibly tasty drink that is both healthy and decadent. With only minutes needed for its preparation, this cozy beverage will keep you going all morning long!


Regular and skinny lattes can both be customized by adding different milk types, syrups and sweeteners for personal taste and diet preferences – but doing so may alter calorie counts and fat contents significantly.

A Grande vanilla latte with two pumps of syrup contains roughly 100 calories and 10 grams of sugar, with each additional pump adding 20 more calories and five more grams. Opting for a tall instead of Grande would save approximately 50 calories and 15 grams.

An easy way to reduce calories and sugar in your latte is choosing nonfat or skim milk, which contains less fat than whole milk. This can reduce both total and saturated fat by four ounces! For an alternative approach to cutting carbohydrates intake, make your own sugar-free vanilla syrup using xylitol sweetener, xantham gum, and vanilla extract at home – it’s simple!

Opting for an iced skinny latte instead of its hot counterpart is another effective way to reduce calories in your drink. Sbux iced lattes use slightly less milk, meaning you will save some calories without compromising flavor.

Your latte’s caloric intake depends on its ingredients and amount, such as syrups used and milk consumed, plus any additional toppings you might include in it. A typical whole milk latte contains 110 calories with 7g of fat and 9g of carbohydrates; in contrast, skinny lattes made with nonfat milk contain less calories but still have 9g of carbs.

One way to reduce calories in your latte is to swap out syrup for cinnamon or other low-cal spices like vanilla. This will add sweetness without all the extra calories and sugar. Or switch from dairy milk to plant-based alternatives such as almond or soy milk which have significantly fewer calories and carbs per serving and do not involve exploiting animals for milk production.


Though skinny lattes may contain less calories than their traditional counterparts, they still contain an impressively high level of carbohydrates – more than half the daily recommended amount! A Starbucks skinny vanilla latte may contain up to 40 grams of carbs; most come from sugar and dairy products used during production while additional sources may include whipped cream and syrup which also add carbs.

When it comes to crafting healthier lattes, choosing the appropriate milk can be key. A traditional latte typically uses whole or 2% milk while skinny lattes use nonfat or skim milk – this dietary change has an effectful difference on flavor; whole milk provides richer flavors while skim milk creates lighter ones. Furthermore, fat content of the milk has an impactful influence on its texture – using full-fat can create thicker foam than using skim.

Altering the type of milk used to create a Starbucks skinny vanilla latte can drastically decrease its caloric and carbohydrate intake. Unsweetened vanilla almond milk is one of the best choices, available at most grocery stores. It contains low amounts of calories, fats, carbohydrates and hormones and froths well in coffee mugs – an ideal combination for creating skinny vanilla lattes!

An effective way to cut calories and carbohydrates in your Starbucks skinny vanilla latte is using sugar-free syrup. Though sugar-free syrup does not contain any actual sugar, it does contain carbohydrates from artificial sweeteners such as sucralose or maltodextrin that add 1 gram of carbohydrates per pump of syrup added – so be careful how many you add! Each pump of syrup adds one gram of carbs so be mindful when adding multiple pumps of syrup at once!

Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes may be an ideal way to manage both calories and sugar intake, though it should be remembered that even one has more than double the caloric value than a cup of black coffee, most of which comes from sugar. Therefore, those trying to reduce sugar may find it preferable to avoid this beverage altogether.

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