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Tajin adds salty, citrus and mildly spicy flavor to many foods, making them easily accessible at both Mexican/Latino markets and traditional grocery stores like Walmart or Target.

Use this versatile seasoning on everything from fresh fruit and vegetables to savory meats and seafood dishes, even to garnish drinks such as Blood Marys or Micheladas!


Tajin, a staple in Mexican/Latino markets, comes in an iconic clear bottle with the colors of the Mexican flag printed on its label. A blend of mild red chile peppers, salt and dehydrated lime juice has become so popular that now most grocery stores carry it – even non-Mexican chains! A sprinkle of this sweet, salty and citrusy seasoning adds extra punch to fruits; watermelons taste amazing when drizzled with Tajin spices combined with citrusy lime juice. Kiwis, orange wedges or mangoes also work great – particularly well when served up as street food dishes!

Tajin adds zesty citrus flavors that pair well with eggs for an irresistibly tasty breakfast, whether scrambled, sunny side-up or sunny side-down servings. Also great in egg salad sandwiches and chicken roastings. And don’t forget to sprinkle a dash onto beverages such as margaritas, Bloody Marys or Micheladas for an added kick!

Tajin works wonders when used on vegetables, bringing out their sweetness in cucumbers, carrots and jicama as well as any other vegetables in need of an extra kick of sweetness. Additionally, Tajin pairs perfectly with corn when prepared into popular street food of elote; or you could sprinkle it over popcorn mixed with melted butter and grated parmesan for an unexpected spicy riff on caramel popcorn! Tajin works equally well on salty snacks such as pistachios, pumpkin seeds or nuts for maximum impact!


Tajin can make for an easy sweet and salty snack when sprinkled onto fruit like mangoes or watermelons for an easy sweet and salty snack. Not too spicy, this tangy-salty spice blend pairs nicely with most fruit’s natural sweetness. Originating as an amalgamation of chili peppers, salt, dehydrated lime juice and chili powder – similar to another popular Mexican condiment called Chamoy (pronounced CHOH-moy). Empresas Tajin offers two varieties – Clasico and Habanero with various degrees of heat intensity respectively – for easy snacking pleasure.

Citrusy flavors in Tajin play well with plain cooked shrimp. The seasoning powder can easily add depth and depth to a bowl of grilled or roasted vegetables and cocktails alike – elevating their sophistication as part of an elegant shrimp cocktail cocktail experience.

Fresh fruits that exude tropical appeal such as mangoes and pineapples become exotic treats when prepared using Tajin seasoning powder. Tajin pairs perfectly with grapefruit slices, kiwis slices, strawberries and blueberries – and even enhances their sweetness!

Carillo Arronte says tajin is an ideal replacement for salt on sandwiches; it can also be used as a marinade or rub for grilling proteins; and to flavor up dips and sauces.

Tajin adds an instant kick to cold beverages such as lemonade and fruity ice pops – or to this watermeon chile and basil sorbet! Additionally, its seasoning properties make it the ideal solution for rimming glasses of margaritas and Bloody Marys.


Tajin’s blend of salty, citrus and mildly spicy flavors pairs well with raw vegetables, fruits and meats, especially those featuring an even balance between sweet and savory elements (such as mangos, watermelons, cucumbers and pickled fruit or jicama). Mexican fans frequently use Tajin on mangos, watermelons, cucumbers and pickled fruit or jicama). Also popular among Mexican hardcore fans are using Tajin for street foods like buttered corn on the cob or tortilla chips!

Carillo Arronte suggests adding Tajin spice blend to guacamole or hummus for an extra spicy kick, chicken rubs, marinades or sandwiches/tacos as an effective way to spice things up! Their Clasico version provides moderate heat while for more spice opt for their Habanero option.

Tajin seasoning blend adds depth and dimension to plain cooked shrimp dishes by complementing their natural sweetness with its lemony, zesty, and savory notes, creating an indescribably delicious snack or meal!

Tajin’s blend of spices makes it an irresistibly delicious complement to roasted potatoes or popcorn, or as an innovative snack by dipping pretzel sticks in Tajin and then rolling them in salt before eating. Tajin also makes an excellent salad dressing additive and can even be used to decorate glasses used for drinks such as Micheladas, Margaritas or Smoky Bloody Mary cocktails! Plus its powdered form can easily fit in your pantry for months at a time!


Tajin is more than a simple mix of citrus and chili spice – it adds instant zest to drinks, snacks, or meals of all sorts! Bottles typically cost $3 and add instantaneous flair.

Tajin pairs perfectly with corn during its peak seasons in summer and fall, particularly when combined with lime juice for an elote dish. You can also sprinkle tajin on grilled corn or street food treats like churros; the seasoning adds saltiness, flavor, and texture that complete this delicious snack!

Tajin’s citrusy, spicy flavor pairs beautifully with beer, making a refreshing michelada drink an incredibly refreshing beverage to be enjoyed any time of day or night. A splash of Tajin on the rim adds another level of refreshment that you can savor at any moment in time!

Add Tajin seasoning to the rim of your favorite lager for an extra pop of flavor without oversalting. A dash of Tajin brings out its citrus notes while playing off of its subtle sweetness.

Tajin can also add an interesting, salty-savory spice to your fruit salad, giving it that special something. Pineapples, mangoes, mangosteens, kiwis, oranges and other tropical fruits all work great, while watermelons make an especially great candidate.

Tajin makes a deliciously easy addition to popcorn, offering those looking for less sodium a tasty alternative to salt. Tajin also goes great with other roasted nuts such as cashews, sunflower seeds or pistachios as well as plain potato chips – and can even be stirred into homemade snack mixes!


Shrimp are one of the easiest and tastiest proteins to prepare, especially when they’re grilled. A marinade made up of smoked paprika, chili powder, minced garlic, lime juice and salt with olive oil makes for a quick yet flavorful bite – producing sweet yet tart shrimp that deliver just a hint of spice!

Tajin is key to this recipe’s success, adding extra zing and brightness. Tajin Clasico – their flagship product – contains ground dried mild red chili peppers, dehydrated lime juice and salt for an irresistibly fresh and zesty citrus taste that complements sweet fruits like pineapple and mango beautifully. For an extra citrusy snack try spreading some on jicama or cucumber for extra zesty crunch!

Tajin Shrimp Bowls are the ideal comfort food to enjoy while watching a movie or catching up with friends. Enjoy succulent shrimp atop brown rice topped with Mango Curtido and Cilantro Remoulade for a quick, simple dinner sure to please. Don’t miss this quick, simple dish – it won’t fail you!

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