Three Iconic Sandwiches That Philly Is Known For

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There are many different iconic things you can do in the States, you can walk the famous Las Vegas Strip, hike the canyon in Hollywood, play online in Pennsylvania or eat some amazing food in Philadephia. 

Philly is known for its delicious cuisine. There are many things you can do There are plenty of delightful eateries and restaurants for locals and travelers to choose from. Sometimes people even say that there are too many choices of great food that it can sometimes be overwhelming to pick. There are many different dishes that Philadelphia is known for but nothing more than their big three sandwiches.

This article aims to shed light on three of the most iconic bites of food you need to get your hands on during either your next visit to Philly or your local meal.

Philly Cheesesteak

If a dish has the name of a city in it, you know that it has to be good and that the locals are die-hard fans of this meal. Welcome to the Philly Cheesesteak. At first glance, it looks like a humble sandwich, however, once you bite into it your taste buds will be telling you a whole other story. Typically made by first taking either a hardshell hot dog roll or a piece of a baguette. Take the bread, slice it open, and put a generous amount of butter to make the sandwich even more moist. Then it gets completely covered in thinly sliced beef, which has usually been in a pot cooking for a few hours so that it ‘melts in your mouth’ level. This meat is typically not over-spiced, the sandwich itself is not meant to taste like a BBQ or a Chilli-inspired dish. The meat is simply slow-roasted and has the notes of a typical stew. On top of this meat feast comes a generous helping of cheese, that usually gets popped under a salander to melt. For the newer and more trendy restaurants who want to impress their clientele, sometimes even a blow torch is used to melt the cheese. The cheese can either be Swiss, American or Provolone. Then if you really want to be extra, you can even top all this off with some grilled onion, however, the original one comes without. It then gets wrapped and tucked nicely into some greaseproof paper, cut in two and it’s ready to be enjoyed.


A hoagie is the Philly way of saying a ‘sub’ which comes from the word ‘submarine’ i.e., a sandwich that looks like a submarine because of its long and rounded shape. If you want to get a ‘sub’ in Philly, you better call it a hoagie if you want to get the absolute best one. Typically a hoagie is a long piece of bread, either soft or crunchy on the outside, with seeds or not, it depends on you. Then it is spread with a mixture of mayonnaise and butter to create a soft base. It is then filled with different cold meats such as ham, polony or salami. Thereafter you usually add the vegetables in the form of fresh shredded lettuce, thinly sliced onions and slices of tomatoes. You can also add some cheese and a bit of salad dressing to finish it off and there you have a classic Philly hoagie.

Pork Sandwich

Arguably the third most famous sandwich in Philadelphia is the pork sandwich. Humble in its name and powerful in its flavor. The process usually starts by taking an Italian-style bread that has a bit of resistance and cutting it open. Spreading a bit of butter and this makes the base. Then you usually take cuts of a slow-roasted piece of pork, usually the shoulder bits, and these are placed in the roll. It is then topped with sharp Provolone cheese, which gets melted and then garlic-sauteed broccoli rabe is placed on top of all of this to finish it off. Creating a masterpiece of flavor in one sandwich.

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