How to Make Guyanese Bake

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Guyanese bake is an easy and versatile bread. Enjoy it as an add-in breakfast dish with cheese and ham, spread on sandwiches for lunchtime snacks or simply snack away on it whenever craving strikes!

Roast bakes (sometimes referred to as roast bakes when baked in an oven and float bakes or fry bakes when fried) are Caribbean dough treats made with baking powder that are leavened and filled with coconut (colored red with food coloring).


Make this Guyanese bake recipe using just a few basic ingredients! These round mounds of fried dough are delicious and versatile; perfect for both sweet or savory flavor options and making sandwiches! In addition, these tasty bites also make an ideal snack – sometimes served alongside stewed salt fish or cheddar cheese!

To create this Caribbean fried dough dish, start by warming water and sugar together in a small bowl while mixing dry ingredients in a larger one. Combine flour, baking powder and salt before rubbing in butter before making a well in the center of your dry ingredients to receive the warmed sugar water and pouring it all over – stir this until well mixed and your dough begins to form!

Fried discs of dough are popular dishes across the Caribbean and go by several names: bakes when cooked in an oven; float bakes or fry bakes when deep-fried; they may also be known as Mandazi (Indian doughnuts), African doughnuts, puff puffs or puff pastries. Although their origin remains unknown, most likely this cuisine hails from both India and West Africa.


Bakes are a delicious Caribbean delicacy, with variations varying depending on which island is being enjoyed. These fried disks of dough may also be known as fry bakes, float bakes or johnny cakes depending on where they originate in terms of name recognition and popularity among different nations. Similar in style to pooris (puri) found in India or some West African fried dough products like mandazi.

This recipe is quick and straightforward to make using readily-available ingredients found in any kitchen. All that is necessary for success is two mixing bowls, along with a rolling pin; the larger bowl should hold warmed water, sugar and the rolling pin; while the smaller one will contain flour, baking powder yeast salt as necessary.

Bring a large pot of water to boil and add salt fish. Boil for half an hour while mixing dry ingredients – including all purpose flour, sugar, baking powder yeast and salt in a clean bowl.


These Guyanese bread disks can be enjoyed both sweet and savory! With just four ingredients needed to create one large braided loaf or divide into smaller loafs to bake in muffin pans – make this delicious recipe today and see for yourself!

Make a Guyanese bake recipe using warm water and brown sugar, all-purpose flour (plus extra for dusting your work surface), baking powder, salt and a large saucepan – these key components should result in golden-brown bakes! Cook times may need to be adjusted accordingly but the final outcome should be golden brown color when finished.

Though its exact source remains elusive, these delicious fried dough treats have quickly become popular across Guyana due to the heavy influence of Indian and West African cuisines. Also referred to as float bakes in Trinidad, Johnny in Jamaica and mandazi in many West African nations, these dishes have quickly become a part of everyday cuisine here.


Bakes are one of the Caribbean’s most versatile foods, serving both as an entree and breakfast or snack. Leavened with baking powder, these round disks of dough are leavened and then deep-fried to perfection to achieve that perfect crunchiness! You’ll find bakes everywhere from India to West Africa; sometimes known as roast bakes when prepared on a griddle; when baked in an oven; or floats/fry bakes when deep-fried. Bakes require few ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen; leftovers can even be stored up to a week in your refrigerator before being reheated by wrapping damp paper toweling them before placing in the microwave again!

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